Sunday, 8 February 2009

To all the boys and girls who read my stories — and especially to the Dorothys — this book is lovingly dedicated." -L. Frank Baum

After doing a little research into 'The Marvelous Land of Oz' ( the second book) and 'Ozma of Oz' (the third) I would like to inform you that there are forty Oz books!

After 'Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz' (which is the fourth book) I get a little lost, So I'm going to select one scene from Ozma of Oz to Illustrate. The scene being Dorothy, Ozma, Billina (her chicken replacement for Toto), the woodsman, scarecrow , 27 soldiers of Oz and Tik Tok have to locate a missing Royal family who have been transformed into ornaments by the Gnome King. They each have to guess which ornaments they have been transformed into in the Gnome Kings ornaments collection, if they guess incorrectly, they themselves are transformed into ornaments.

Billina was not allowed to guess until she infuriates the Gnome King by laying an egg, which are poisonous to gnomes. Once they have guessed correctly, the Gnome Kings is angered, but any attempts to capture the party are stopped by Billinas eggs, which she lays in there path.

I think the bizarre plot will be very exiting to illustrate through cut outs, and done in a pop up book style similar to Su Blackwells work.

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