Saturday, 28 February 2009

Mary Poppins Musical

After watching Mary Poppins last night at the Palace Theater for the second time, I had a mini brainstorm, lots of ideas for little paper scenes. The stage design was amazing, especially the movable 'doll' house which was the Banks' house. It has a back and a front which opened and closed with which the characters could move about in. Also, the use of perspective in the bank scene was difficult to get my head round! the background drop was the a view of the banks ceiling as if you were looking directly up into it, yet with vertically sloping doors which could be used normally!

Also, I loved the use of silhouettes in the first opening act, and all through. The background scenery of silhouetted buildings and smoke was beautiful. The whole stage scenery reminded me of what I wanted my work to be about, and there for, lots of little ideas have sprung from it.

Kites will be what im working on this week.

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