Sunday, 8 February 2009

Thearter der Dammerung

After emailing Axel Brotje who created the short animated film Fische und Schiffe, he gave me the link to this German theater group. Unfortunately, most of the website is in German, so I couldn't read much about the group, even after a shoddy Google translation. but I got the idea of there work through the pictures. The links appear in the contact report from Brotje in my blog but here they are again:

the second link if for a particular play that Brotje said had inspired his imagery for Fische und Schiffe. The theater company use traditional techniques and I would like to explore this by looking further into Shadow puppets. I also found some information on a basic way to make a stop motion film with a digital camera, so may also try that.

The figures they use in the Dammerung plays are very similar to the figures Lotte Reiniger created, and I can see now what a huge influence she must have been to the use of shadow and silhouette animation.

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