Friday, 17 April 2009

"Start at the beginning... Yes, and when you get to the end - stop."

I want the quote from 'Alice in Wonderland' used as the title in this post, suspended above the Nursery Garden that I am creating for my final piece. I think it would be appropriate as all my work so far has been about telling a story, which of course is what Illustration is all about. This quote puts it so simply and amusingly.

Heres where I'm up to with the garden. Ive started the tree which is from a story in the book 'The Book Thief' about a word jumble tree. The tree in the picture with the house isn't very clear, so included is the tree as I was creating it. I made it out of garden wire and then wrapped it in tape so it would be white, like everything else will be in the Garden.

The house is taken from various different victorian houses and doll houses and will have peter pan and co flying out the window. Also, im going to attempt to try and create a tea party on the ceiling form the Mary Poppins book by P.L. Travers inside the house.

I'm just making the table for a mad hatter scene, and the seat for little miss Moffet under the tree. Also going to create a small image that will be linked with the book 'The Time Travelers Wife'

I want the garden to combine modern day fairytales with historic ones.

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