Friday, 24 April 2009

Elsa Mora ... No Reply ...

Dear Elsa Mora

Hi! I'm on my final year of an illustration degree at Stockport College in England and I came across your work whilst looking on Etsy and then found you on blogspot! Ive just Begun my final major project and I will be creating paper sculptures and illustrations to a selection of stories. Your 3-D sculptures are amazing, and for my final project I was looking to do something similar, but i will be creating something like a stage scene (well thats what it is in my head) and 2-d illustrations.

I'd like to ask a few questions if you have the time? What problems do you encounter with this process and how do you tackle them? Have you ever done any work for childrens books? or editorials? Im interested in working free lance once I have completed my degree and would like to now your thoughts on this.

Any help you could give me would greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot!

Sarah Frost

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