Saturday, 11 April 2009

Simon Warner, Follow a Shadow

Simon warner is a Photographer Based in Yorkshire. I was told about his work through a friend On a Live Art and Dance degree. This installation is explores the links between early photography and silhouette drawing.

Follow a Shadow, Birth of Photography. Simon Warner

White Room. Simon Warner

Also, He did a Video Installation at my favourite place in the world, Haworth. Haworth lies in Bronte Country, and the image below is a video projection onto the parsonage where the Bronte's lived.

'This exhibition invoked the Parsonage and its surroundings as a powerful source of the Bront√ęs' creative energies. Landscape and shadow imagery explored the world of the children's shared imagination.'

Silhouettes by Rachel Lee


I adore the image of the Shilouttes on the pillow, its very chidlike and eearie.

I cant believe i wasnt in Haworth March 2005 ... Damnit.

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