Thursday, 26 March 2009

Patrick Thomas, Barcelona studio trip

Patrick Thomas gained a BA in Graphic Design St. Martins London and went on to study for a MA at the Royal College of Art. He helped Set up a studio called ' Big Orange' with some graduates from the RCA including Andrew Pavitt, Paul Davis. Jason Fodd, Marion Duchamp and Dan Williams.

Patrick soon mover to Barcelona and started working free lance from a hotel room. He eventually set up the studio 'La Vista' with Angela. Patrick set up another studio 'Studio Inprint' for his editorial work. He works a lot for a Spanish news Paper, in particularly the finance supplement. He also creates work for the New York Times.

He experiments with such process' as screen printing and is influenced by the punk era. He usually has an evening to create the editorial work and must work quickly. He likes to play with his imagery and experiment with it by breaking the elements of it up. Patrick has created a book called 'Black and White' which contains all of th imagery he has created for the finance supplement over the years.

His influences include Thomas Buik and Alan Fletcher.

Some of Patrick's work really inspired me, mainly his screen printing work and work with type. I wasn't very interested with his editorial work as i find work created in such short time often fails to inspire me as you an tell it was quickly put together. I also found it hard to understand how he could take other peoples imagery and and tweak it slightly and call it his own. Overall, the talk was very interesting and if anything, it makes me want my own studio.

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