Thursday, 26 March 2009

Bruce Munro

Ive just been given by my Dad a bag full of little light bulbs and crocodile clips!!! So im looking forward to making something out for them, maybe holding them until my final exhibition. I just don't really now what to do with them yet. Ive have a rough idea in my head, something like a fairy tale landscape, with cutouts interjected everywhere, maybe involving long blades of grass, i don't really know.

So I went searching for some ideas and came across Bruce Monro. I remember his work in the news ages ago for the eden project. Its just gorgeous.


Jenny said...

Hi Sarah
really love your cut-out work. I can't remember where i've seen it before but I definitely have- it stays in the mind.
I do a bit of work for Bruce Munro, who is based in Wiltshire, and he'll be happy to hear you like his work on Field of Light. Hope it gives you good inspiration.

Frostie said...

Hi Jenny, thanks for the compliment! always nice to hear!

what sort of work do you do for him? I'd love to hear a bit more :)