Friday, 20 March 2009

Axel Brotje follow up.

Dear Axel Brotje,

Hi! I emailed a few weeks ago about your animation Fische und Shiffe and you gave me some brilliant information.

I emailed you back asking if there was any more of your work online? I understand that you must be busy, but could I trouble you to look at my blog? I would love if you could have a look of some of my work. Theres not much, but its a start! No animation yet though. If you do visit it, just click the label that says 'My Work' and the right hand side of the page.

Thanks again!

Sarah Frost

Dear Sarah,

I've been busy the past weeks working on my portfolio. But i haven't forgotten about your mail. I just opened up your blog and looked at your work. Very nice. I can see you are doing illustration for some time now. My favorites are the paper tea cups and the big paper house illustration. It reminds me on the kitchen scene from my short. I also like the lighting throughout your whole work. A great warm atmosphere.

I'll send you the link when my portfolio is up. It's always nice to have some feedback.

Greetings from germany


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