Monday, 4 May 2009

Big Orange

This is a studio set up in Shorditch in London by designers such as Daryl Reese, Tom Morrison and Dan Williams. It was set up around 16 years ago. Andrew Pavitt joined 6 years ago. The studio is partially owned by the AOI - association of Illustrators, which helps pay for the rent and other utilities. The rent for the space is around £200 each a month, but AOI help towards these costs. The working hours of the studio are 24 hours, enabling it to be accessed at anytime and if working on short briefs and deadlines.

The set up and location of a studio is important and you always need to be self promoting yourself. There is now a good selection of studios in Manchester and they say that you can easily find a fairly priced studio in London. They say an advantage of joining an established studio like Big Orange or Peepshow is the set of contacts already created and its reputation.

They talked about dealing with overseas clients such as New York, saying that when they commission you for a job they will not take into account the time difference's, so you have to work around them.

The only disadvantage Andrew Pavitt could find for working within a studio enviroment is if there were clashes of personalities. The major advantage though is being within a creative environment and being able to bounce ideas of one another.

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